My stretch bracelets are made with a 1.5 mm. thick cotton stretch for durability. So I need to buy big holed drilled beads which cost more.

Most women's bracelets are to fit a medium wrist  7 1/4 " . If you ordered a bracelet from Macy's it would most likely be 7 1/4 " claw closure.

My wrist is a med. woman's , I like 7 1/4 " for my stretch bracelets a little loose but fits at the wrist a 7" is a little tight on me and can leave a mark . I can also wear 7 1/2 " comfortably ,but it is loose. So it depends on how you like it to fit.

My stretch bracelets are unisex . I put some 7 1/2 " - 8 " under men . just because they are a little larger.

If you need a different size please contact me.

I try to list all material and stones used in the description.

Thank you , Pat

Happy Shopping.

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